Vivo story

Through the years

Vivo catering team internalized a fundamental values such as curiosity, imagination, creativity and fearlessness. This is an integral part of our personal and professional education and growth. Our products and services we improve in a creative and caring way.

Vivo catering was founded in 1993 by Jerneja Kamnikar. In 25 years the company has become a recognizable brand in the SLovenian and European market. Know for its hight quality on the field of event catering with added value in association with creative solutions. First company headquarter was at the Cultural center of Španski borci in Ljubljana, where the catering services for the needs of cultural activity were provided. Until today we support and go along with culture. In 2001, in yers of closer cooperation with Droga d.d., Vivo took over the Maestro restaurant in the center of Ljubljana. Since then the company has started to work exclusively in event catering industry. In 2001, the headquarter has moved to the Renaissance Castle Fužine, where has worked in association and as part of the Museum of Architecture and design for many years.

In addition to demanding receptions on the field of international congresses for the world’s most demanding organizers, our biggest proud is the trust of the British Queen Elizabeth II.  The reception for her guests during her visit to Slovenia in 2008 it was entrusted to us. Her visit marked us and at the same time confirmed that we are on the right track and it is a face of  the quality service that we provide.

The queen with 72 invited guests was thrilled by the stunning decoration on the tables with magical table cover in pink floral decoration shades. Team of 53 Vivo’s colleagues has taken care of the complete preparation and serving of delicious and original dishes. It was coordinated by the last detail with the Queen’s predecessors from London, already before the visit of the royal couple


Company Vivo d.o.o. with more tha 20 years of tradition is a recognizable brand with a high quality on the Slovenian and European market, ranked in one of the three most recognizable catering companies in Southeast Europe. Our development over the years has been associated with creative solutions in the field of F&B (food and beverage) with high added value. Vivo catering takes care of banquets at high-profile media events and international meetings, with culinary spoiling and kindness, often also contribute to its implementation on the charity events. Vivo catering d.o.o. is a company with a constant trend of development, because we want to strengthen flexibility and competitive advantage in strong competition field. We have set ourselves the goal to intensively follow the trends of modern cuisine from the world and home. We will continue the strengthen compatible service activities, with a special focus on sustainable development and the development of healthy eating in the workplace for employees.

Jerneja Kamnikar

Founder and director

““I remember the first catering we organized at Vivo. It was quite exciting, in 1998, you could say back in the last century. We were expecting 170 guests, which is a huge bite for a debutant so there was a lot of adrenaline. The client was experienced and demanding, so he ordered Vivo, he wanted a change - different, better.””

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